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Reopening the Wormhole is a weekly podcast in which three Deep Space Nine obsessives tackle a randomly selected episode from the series and analyze all the things they love and hate about it. Each week, they'll try to determine the funniest lines out of context, deliver their very official review scores and much more! Make sure to stick around until the end, so you don't miss it when they spin the Dabo wheel to reveal next week's episode! 

Featuring Jack Stovold, Sam Stovold and Kevin Young 

Jun 7, 2018

Thank you for calling Reopening the Wormhole. To listen to a fantastic podcast about The Emperor’s New Cloak, the epic and stunning finale (chronologically!) to the Star Trek mirror universe saga, press 1.  Hold on, we’re getting another call.  It looks like Dabo Boy Kregg Castillo has joined your operators to talk about Grand Nagus Zek’s ill-fated business safari into the mirror universe.  Topics available on our menu include the hotness of Mirror Ezri, the idiocy of Mirror Vic, the works of Schu-MANN, butt stuff, how seriously the Mirror Universe should be taken, and why Michael Dorn is a delight in ANY universe, among MANY other things.  Your call is important to us.  PLEASE stay on the line.