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Reopening the Wormhole is a weekly podcast in which three Deep Space Nine obsessives tackle a randomly selected episode from the series and analyze all the things they love and hate about it. Each week, they'll try to determine the funniest lines out of context, deliver their very official review scores and much more! Make sure to stick around until the end, so you don't miss it when they spin the Dabo wheel to reveal next week's episode! 

Featuring Jack Stovold, Sam Stovold and Kevin Young 

Aug 29, 2017

The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but the road to amazing Deep Space Nine podcast episodes is paved with WINE. And so, episode two of Deep Space Wine Part II commences and we crack open another couple bottles to discuss The Collaborator, a heavy tale of Bajoran religion and politics and choosings. Along the way, we gush about Winn, fawn over Bareil (and his hot bod) and debate stupid common phrases. Add in a dash of Star Trek: Discovery speculation and you got yourselves another GOSH DARNED CLASSIC.